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$42k is rich???

You poor guy! If you think $42k is rich, you must be...what? A professional burger flipper? Career busboy? Part-time waiter/part-time surfer/part-time UNCW student? From the U.S. Census Bureau: 2007 national median income for a male who works full time - $45,113 2007 median income for a female who works full time - $35,102 Sounds more like $42k is middle class, to me. Now we know what Obama means when he says he wants to "take care of" the middle class....kinda like Luca Brasi "took care of" problems for Don Corleone. When you try to "soak the rich," two things happen: 1. They find some of the innumerable legal loopholes in which to hide income. (I already have mine picked out, in case your Socialist comrade gets elected with a Democratic House and Senate.) 2. They don't have as much discretionary income to invest in the growth of America. Who do you think funds new businesses, business growth, and the resulting increase in jobs? You? (Good trolling - I just couldn't resist an opportunity to get the truth out about this guy.)


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