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The jobs that moved overseas...

...rarely paid $42k a year. You didn't earn that much money sewing collars on shirts, or tightening screws on a coffee maker. Light manufacturing was never a road to riches. You can rage against the global eceonomy, but it's here to stay. No one is going to pay $9.89 for a pack of three undershirts made by ILGWU mill workers in Gilford County when they can pay $5.99 for three sewn in the Philippines that are just as good. I'm sure the CNH workers in Holland are just as upset that John Deere and Caterpillar outsell their products in Europe, but that's the nature of our world. No one country can stand alone and survive without the rest of the world anymore. Getting back to Obama and his taxes, remember this. When you give the power to punitively tax selected corporations or "the rich" to the government this week, you are giving them a green light to punitively tax YOU next week. Class warfare helps no one.


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