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Do you have a PhD in rehetoric?

I'll skip over all the unrelated sound bites you've obviously memorized and stick with the basic economic realities of America in 2008. The simple fact that you blame two Republicans and a Democrat proves that it transcends simple politics. You evidently believe that making an accurate assessment of our national capabilities is somehow kicking Americans in the teeth. Actually, it should be awakening you to realize that we are a totally different country than we were fifty years ago. If we pretend we are that same country, we WILL get kicked in the teeth. What you seemingly fail to see is that when you pay four dollars less for those undershirts I mentioned, that gives you four dollars to invest, save, or spend on another product. So ten-thousand undershirt workers may lose their jobs in the Southeast US, but seventy million undershirt purchasers benefit from it. It's interesting to note that disposable/discretionary income rose across ALL income levels until the past year when fuel prices soared and inflation started to climb. That happened consistently during the three administrations you feel have done so much harm. So you're about to get a Socialist in office because the majority of people in this country don't understand that the economy of fifty years ago or even twenty years ago is not the economy of today. You adapt and change or like the Luddites, you get left behind while you rage against the machines instead of learning how to operate them. Times change. Global markets change. I've used this example a dozen times: As long as I can manufacture steel in Pohang and ship it to a jobsite on the East Coast cheaper than I can maufacture it in Pittsburg and get it to that jobsite, you can bet the steel will be made in Korea. No one in their right mind wants to go back to paying three times as much for steel that's no better, simply because it was made in the USA. You will see the American steel industry fully recover when the domestically manufactured steel is cheaper at the final destination....and yes, that means that American steel workers will have to work for a lot less than they made as USW unionized workers in 1979, when the Korean steel became a cheaper alternative. Whether you're talking about undershirts or steel, you can't FORCE a change without destroying the very economy we all seek to preserve.


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