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My heart goes out to the families that have lost the most valuable thing in the world, the life of a child. But, WHY? Why do we still insist on sponsoring athletics that are a clear and present danger? If a type of toy had killed several kids this year, would it still be on the shelf? I have been around football at the high school level and I can tell you that the push to win is great. The coaches, parents and fans want stronger, faster and more aggressive players. It is pushing beyond the limit. Practicing in excessive heat in August and doing so late in the afternoon after an all ready full day is asking for trouble. What do you expect to happen when two very strong young men run into each other at top speed??? can not be avoided. Why don't we have high school boxing or knife throwing? How about bomb making 101 or bullfighting? Football and other sports like it have no place in pubic education. However, the boneheads will prevail and the senseless injuries, some fatal, will continue.


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