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Re: redistricting They just redistricted a year ago and have not had time to generate reliable statistical data to know if it provided any improvement. Additionally, they have now moved principals around, so any data will not be statistically consistent because you do not know if any improvements were due to the school changes or the principal changes. Shouldn't we validate the success of the last change before we change again??? More importantly, in these economically trying times, we are deliberately increasing expenses for busing children all over heck and back. Not only is this a long day for children, it is a significant expense for providing transportation. If the school board has all this extra money to bus kids around against the will of parents and the kids, perhaps they should allocate additionally resources, including more personnel, to those schools with lower test scores. Reduce class size, provide more one-on-one teaching rather than burn a bunch of gas. We as a nation are trying to become more efficient and less dependent on oil, yet let's let local school board spend a bunch of unnecessary money on fuel. Nonsense. Give children quality of life. We don't expect adults to start their commute at 6am and then ride around for an hour to get started on their day. Don't expect kids to either. Don't re-district without valdiation that your last re-district worked. A study on fuel costs for this convaluted plan would be most interesting. Let's see the fuel, vehicle maintenance and overtime for drivers cost. (We most certainly would have accelerated depreciation of buses too since they will be driving kids long distances.) Then see how many additional resources that would buy us for inner-city schools. More bang for our buck? If it means more kids get more one-on-one teaching time, you bet!


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