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bused as well

I was bused during my middle school years to DC Virgo. Our school dances were held during the day and the band concert held right after school before it got dark. Let's just sum it up and say 15 years ago it wasn't the best of neighborhoods. At the time I lived closer to three different middle schools, but this was the one I was sent to because they needed more white kids there. I have two kids, and while I'm worried about which school they will go to, I also know that the majority, if not all of the schools are open enrollment. I have no problem driving my kids to the better schools. Let's all hope for the best of this redistricting, being getting neighborhood schools approved, but if they don't... Well, let's make the best of a poor situation. I know parents are quick to blame "well that school is bad, test scores are low, the teachers aren't as good, etc.." Get involved with your child's school! If you're involved you will know what's going on and you can bring your concerns to the principle or school board. School's that fail have been proven to have a lower parent involvement rate. Stop leaving the raising and education of your kids solely up to the school systems. YOU are their parent YOU should be involved in their life, meaning EVERY aspect of it. YOU should be their FIRST teacher. Be involved in your kids life and even if they go to a "bad" school they will succeed. If you feel they are being educationally held back because of the other students, get learning programs for your home and work with them there. Or talk with their principle and ask if they can be jumped a grade. And please, stop blaming the teachers. My husband is a teacher and it burns me up to hear people saying "the teachers aren't as good there". 95% of the teachers are the same. They are doing the best they can with what they have. No child left behind doesn't help matters at all. And the intense testing we do doesn't help either. Kids don't have any fun in the classroom anymore because they are drilled from day one on the "big test". All in all, if you are involved you will see a difference in your school and in your child no matter where they go.


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