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Thyroid medication means you work out HARDER.

See? Here you go selling me short, but I do know about thyroid issues. My TSH is through the roof, but my T3 and T4 are perfectly normal....but it's been that way for years. (My theory is that my brain is SOOOOO huge, it compresses the pituitary gland.) Anyway, getting back to reality, when my doctor wanted to put me on medication, I declined his request for three reasons: 1. Three-quarters of thyroid problems are found in females, and I didn't want a girly disease. (And yes, I will gladly die if I ever develop breast cancer....or else I'll force them to refer to me as "the guy with cancer in his pectorals, likely from doing too many declined flies or too much time on the bench press.") 2. As long as T3 and T4 are normal, who CARES what the TSH is doing? If my thyroid eventually starts to burn out and T3/T4 levels drop, THEN we can start medication. 3. (Getting back to the point) Being well aware that thyroid medication can pack on the pounds, I had no desire to increase my calorie expenditure and readjust my calorie intake to make up for the new metabolism. I work out four days a week now, down from six days a week when I was forty-five. If I started the Levoxyl he wanted me to take, I would have had to increase my workouts and quite honestly, in my mid-fifties, my muscular-skeletal system can't take more than four heavy workouts a week. So, yes, I know that thyroid medication can make you gain weight, but that simply means that you turn up the self-discipline, and reduce your caloric intake or increase your caloric expenditure. Gotta go! Time to shower and shave, and that takes quite a while with this huge goiter....(JK)


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