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re:thyroid meds

Next time you get tested, ask your doc to test your free t4 and free t3. The "non-free" tests are scientifically obsolete and a waste of your money. Thyroid meds don't make you gain weight because they are replacement hormones that your body lacks because your thyroid doesn't produce them either at all or at a deficit. Your body requires those hormones so your cells can convert nutrients to energy. There are many reasons why your blood levels of t4 and t3 would be adequate and your TSH high - pituitary and hypothalamus issues (like tumors) being two of them. If you have a goiter (a swollen thyroid) then your gland is straining to produce hormone or because your immune system is attacking it. Have your doc check your TGAb levels and your TPO levels to rule out Hashimoto's disease. Also, if your levels are swinging due to your gland "burning out" then your levels may be high one month and low the next. When your gland eventually burns completely out, full replacement hormone will be required. If you fail to take hormone and your thyroid does not function, you WILL die, slowly, but surely. As far as "work out harder when you have thyroid issues" goes, keep in mind that if your cells are not getting the hormones they need to convert nutrients to energy, you may not have the stamina to work harder because your body can not do so, because their bodies are using available energy for basic body functions. When your body functions (metabolism) slow due to lack of proper thyroid blood levels, issues may develop like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, diabetes, heartbeat irregularities, and so forth as your body functions slow. Proper treatment can resolve some of these issues.


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