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Don't you just love how the

Don't you just love how the media prints only half a story? Mr Stidham did plead guilty but only after his attorney worked with the DA to have him convicted. Mr Stidham wanted a new attorney but the judge would not give him even that. His so called attorney at the time did nothing the entire 2 years, he DID NOT interview one witness or anything else that would have helped his client. If he would have interviewed the same witnesses that the state did he would have found out that this so called "child" has been accusing others of the same for some time now, including her father and brother.He would have found out the dna test for semen was NEGATIVE.
the state charged Mr Stidham with Indecent Liberties with a child because she claimed they engaged in kissing, If the state thought she was telling the truth about that then ofcourse she was telling the truth that 2 friends were there to witness this exept that her 2 witnesses both stated they didn't see any kissing, one even went on to say it was weird, like a crush kids get on their teachers.And as for the state saying they had a witness that the so alled victim told everything to about the relationship as it was happening. BULL, their witness was her best friend and she stated the so called victim never said anything until AFTER Mr Stidham was charged. As for her so call suicide attempt, 8 TYLONAL PILLS???? Give me a break.Why did the state lie in open court? "NO FORENSIC EXAM WAS EVER ORDERED ON MR STIDHAMS COMPUTER" I guess she forgot that she faxed Mr Stidhams attorney one month prior to court stating she would be getting those results from his computersfrom the SBI agent the next day.Conviceted with NO EVIDENCE at all. I believe the dept Mr Stidham worked for saw a chance to save face because of all the trouble they were having s Mr Stidham was the back they would stand n to fool the pblic into thinking they gave a crap. It ticks me of that this mans life has been ruined and his family has had to go through what they have.You don't have to believe me, look his case up on it's all there


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