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Rallies to go on as scheduled!

The Town of Myrtle Beach is doing everything it can to not only stop the Rallies but to also put pressure on the Town of North Myrtle Beach and Horry County. The laws that you are reading about being passed are strictly by and for the town of Myrtle Beach. Virtually all of the events, vendors, etc., of the Rallies are held outside the town of Myrtle Beach! The fact is, you could take part in the spring and fall rallies including your lodging and not once ever cross into the town of Myrtle Beach. And frankly, that is exactly what every biker should do. The fact is many, many businesses, even in the town of Myrtle Beach want and welcome the bikers of the Spring Biker Week (formally known as Haley Week) and the Fall Biker Rally. But again, the town government in Myrtle Beach has gone to great lengths to say to the Bikers, "we don't want you hear". And again, since no event is in the town limits, the same bikers should not go or spend one dime there! One of the things Myrtle Beach has said is that they want to make Memorial Weekend a family weekend again. This is strange and at odds with what the town has done in most recent history.The same town that demolished the last great and historical place for families and kids, the pavilion and pavilion park says they want to do something from families. I don't think so! Well lets get the facts out on the table. There are two distinctly different events going on in the spring. The original biker spring rally that is OVER before Memorial Day and another one that is known as a "Festival" the week following the Spring Rally and that one is the one that is going on Memorial Day Weekend! That one, and not the other two (spring and fall) rallies is the one that many businesses choose to close during. Myrtle Beach has chosen to ignore using enforcement of existing laws to address individual problems and to go to a shot gun effect and punish all. At the same time, MB punishes some of their own business that want the bikers to come. It gets even more ridiculous! Against the advice of the MB town attorney the town moved forward with a couple laws that the town has been warned most likely would not stand the test of a courtroom. Even with that warning the mayor has taken the moronic position to state, "well we will just have to find out in court" and when asked how he would pay for court cost and the possible counter suits and fines he said, "if we have to raise taxes we will raise taxes!" I sure am glad my mayor does not think that way. Addressing the noise problem and that can be a problem. It comes down to using some common since and courtesy! Needless over-reving of motors or in short any needless noise on the bikers part is most likely going to get that biker sited. This is not just at these Rallies but places like Daytona also. But, all in all, this is exception and not the rule. Most bikers attending obey the laws, keep the noise down, and enjoy the event. And, local business in the county and North Myrtle Beach want you to come back. Just check out the web this week and you will find all kinds of special offers for Bikers attending the fall rally from motels and hotels. The bottom line. The Fall Rally is on! The Spring Rally is on! You do not and really should not enter the town of Myrtle Beach because no event is planned there, they don't want you, don't spend your time and money there and chance being harassed at the same time. Come to North Myrtle Beach and Horry County where all the events take place and where the county and town welcomes and wants you. Be courteous and respectful while on your motorcycle and you will have the same wonderful time, hosted by great people, that you have always had in the past. Show your butt and/or make unnecessary noise and expect to be swiftly dealt with. Also, don't expect some special interest group to come to your aid. So, come one and come all! The Fall Rally and the Spring Rally are on!


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