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Lose business because of muffled pipes?

So, as I understand it, all "bikers" are going to boycott Myrtle Beach because you can't run straight pipes on your hogs? That's a pretty lame excuse to avoid a get together such as the fall rally. First of all, it is against state law to run straight, unmuffled exhausts on any street legal vehicle. This is due to excessive noise abatement and most importantly flame and spark suppression to prevent fire. Some of the pipes that are sported these days are less than 2 feet long and have absolutely zero flame and spark suppression. Watch the bad boys at night and check out the orange and blue flames shooting out of them when you rolloff the throttle. I suppose running these illegal pipes and risking a major fire makes one feel like a true outlaw biker especially after sporting the outlaw biker costume complete with greasy leather, a doo-rag, no sleeves, a ponytail and a beer gut. Real outlaw bikers carry the colors of the "Mongols" and "Hells Angels" and they are true outlaws, not weekend wannabees. It's very simple, tone the noise down a bit and have a blast at Myrtle Beach. There are some beautiful bikes out there to be admired. They don't have to sound like 40 freight trains to get attention and be admired.


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