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No, no one said a thing about "straight pipes"

You are way off the mark and off the facts. Myrtle Beach has recently enacted several new laws and stiffened others. Among a very few of the steps they have take are. 1. Barring the Use/Rental of the convention center for any purpose having to do with the Rallies. 2. Enacting a helmet law that will be the only town in SC that has such. 3. Barring Vendors (no longer issuing permits) from operating anywhere in the City Limits. 4. Stiffening the already in place noise ordinance. 5. Extreme restrictions on parking of motorcycles and motor cycle trailers. These are just a very few of the new rules. The noise ordinance that was already in place did cause bikers to get tickets and those that abused the ordinance got what they asked for and did not nor does not cause a problem for the vast majority of bikers. Myrtle Beach running out the vendors, baring the convention center from being used, and finding every way possible to enact penalties for coming into that town on your motorcycle is why bikers are going to stay away! As mentioned in my earlier reply, the town council even went against advice from their own town attorney with actions they took. To answer the question by another. Fully 60% of the businesses in Myrtle Beach have stated in a survey taken by the town that they in fact support and want the Spring and Fall Rallies to continue! So, that same council went outside the wishes of the majority of the business community with their actions. One of the odd ball things the town did was to enact language that made it unlawful for an event to take place that borders the city limits that causes the city undue (what ever they would define as undue) problems. So, the city is going to try to reach outside it's own jurisdiction to take court action against another or others. This is one of the things the city was warned (by their own) would not stand up in court. What most likely will happen here is the city will go after a sponsor or sponsors outside the city. They in turn will take counter actions and if the city does not prevail as their attorney believes, then, the city will be paying all court cost and damages. Great fot MB tax payers, right? The possibility is great that local business will lose out from lost business and then end up paying higher taxes in order to cover the cost of litigation and fines against the city. What does the Mayor of MB say about this? "If we have to raise taxes, we will raise taxes." Bottom line is, the Rallies are going to take place. They are going to take place outside the city of Myrtle Beach and that is what Myrtle Beach wants. At the same time, many are advising visiting bikers to stay out of the city for the above and many more reasons. Back to the loud pipes. If you are attending the events in Horry County, Surf Side Beach and North Myrtle Beach and you show your butt, you are going to get fined. Plain and simple. So, when talking about bikers not going into the city of Myrtle Beach please get your story right, with facts by the way.


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