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Sounds To Me

Sounds to me like we have a case of a Girl who knew what she was doing and likes attention from Grown men.....Don't get me wrong it is not okay for these grown men to be sleeping with an underage girl. I just think that she new that she could have her cake and eat it to...meaning she would always be the victim even though concensual sex. I also think the law is very ridiculous that one person would get 6 years in prison for this and another would get 30 days in jail and probation! I also don't think if she wanted to have sex with the police officer it should be considered rape! Rape is when you are forced to have intercourse against your will, correct? I think her parents should have had more of an influence in her life and her wearabouts....I am a 24 year old female and when a female is sexually active there are signs that you can watch for and be alert, because I am sure this was not happening in broad daylight!


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