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From what I know this young

From what I know this young lady is a very troubled person. These problems dont start with these two men. This girl has no sense of boundries and from what I hear she defies her parents all the time.No one has any control over her.I couldnt agree more with the person who said DSS should have been involved. I personally think not only should her mother and father be held accountable but so should she. At 14 you know exactly what you are doing. These men were being men when they spent their time with her, I dont agree with the way they were punished they both should have gotten the same amount of time. However the police officer should be beat... he has kids of his own. I hope he dosent have a little girl, how would he feel if some 30year old laid down woth his little girl? Anyway like I said it didnt start here there were problems way before this. Her mom and dad need to step up to the plate and no they arent doing their best if their child is in the news for this. They are failing as parents and this girls behavior just showes it.


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