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Film incentives out of line

I find it highly irregular to pay people to come bring their film here to feed the unions. This is a right to work state and it is impossible to get a job in the film business unless you join the union or allow the union to take a cut. I have addressed this with Senator Boseman and the Labor Commissioner and neither said they had the power to go against the unions. When I complained to the Attorney General about one of the unions taking money from my paycheck without premission I was told that the AG's office could not help me but they agreed I had a case and suggested getting personal representation. The incentives does next to nothing for our community, it does everything for the labor unions. These film workers spend most of their time on unemployment collecting $400 a week to do nothing. That should be incentive enough. The film industry doesn't pay sales tax, that adds up and should be incentive enough. What sort of incentive is the state giving out to the home builders and all those workers at the businesses that supply the home building industry? Its bogus. Julia Bosmean is being held up as a hero when she should be removed from office for being in the union's pocket.


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