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What to do you ask?

This is going to seem awfully blunt, but here goes. The economy is never, let me say that again, never, going to "recover." Global energy production has peaked, 4 years ago actually, and the planet's economy is simply unwinding. We pushed our economy into every last btu of power we were producing, and borrowed at least an additional generation's worth based on growth projections that are never going to happen. The fall has just begun. Pull that 401(k) money, pay the penalty, buy some fertile land and start planting trees. Don't hem and haw about it while your balance dwindles, get started right away. Don't kid yourselves folks. This is a grown up conversation that isn't getting any airtime, and desparately needs some. Check out Peak Oil, Richard Heinberg, James Howard Kunstler, permaculture, New Urbanism, find your niche, and get to it. Please. Before the people depending on your money talk you out of any more of it!


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