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Non-Religious Anti-Abortion

The unfortunate thing is that there are many non-religious individuals who are also Anti-Abortion and have a great many logical, intelligent reasons to be against it. But the only counter-argument that many Pro-Abortionists can come up with is arguing against religious beliefs or against gender, or some other nonsensical rebuttal that has nothing to do with the issue whatsoever. The best way to end the need for abortion is to improve existing systems, such as the adoptiong/foster systems which are seriously in need of overhaul. Also, improved health care to aid struggling families, improved and new medical technology for the various medical reasons that abortions become neccessary for, and improved education beyond "Hey, have as much sex as you want! Don't worry about a thing! There are ways to circumvent your responsibility to the act!". And there are many other situations which could be changed or improved which would, eventually, lead to the near removal of abortion as a desired option. "Choice" and "Life" are very broad terms and actually cover a great many issues, abortion only being one. Introduce other "choice" and "life" issues into the mix and see just how "Pro-Choice" or "Pro-Life" some folks REALLY are. This is why I use the direct terms of "Pro-Abortion" and "Anti-Abortion". Because we're talking about abortion here. Andrew


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