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Two very good reasons to keep abortion legal

First, a woman should have the right to decide if she carries the child to full term or not. It's HER body, not anyone else's. She should have the right to terminate the pregnancy anytime in the first or second trimester. I have no problem with making it illegal once the fetus is viable outside the womb, waiting periods, or parental notification requirements. Second, if you read "Freakonomics," you're familiar with the argument that the remarkably low crime rates of the Nineties were due to the offspring of dirtbags that WEREN'T born in the Seventies, pre-Hyde Amendment, when abortion was viewed as nothing more than another birth control option. The simple fact is that there are tens of thousands of babies born every year who shouldn't be born. No one is going to adopt them, we all gripe about having to pay to feed them or send them to a doctor, their parents can't do an effective job of nurturing them, and they wind up dead on the street or in prison by the age of twenty. We read about them on this website every week. Along the way, they cost millions in direct losses to crime. Every single "anti-poverty program" the government has designed does nothing but encourage people to have children they can't afford. From our multi-tiered system of taxing income to Medicaid, more kids equal more money. Get rid of the incentives to breed irresponsibly and reverse the Hyde Amendment. Free abortions for the indigent with sterilization thrown in on the third procedure. Smarter to pay $500 now than tens or even hundreds of thousands later. That would be the best way to eradicate poverty.


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