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I wonder how many of these protestors...

...realize that we're about to see the Socialists in charge of the White House and both houses of Congress because the Republican Party won't get off this issue? It's estimated that the Republicans lose anywhere from 10-15% of the female vote under forty because of their stand on this issue. Another 5% of the general vote (both genders) is lost because people view it as a purely religious issue, inappropriate for national policy in a secular nation. That translates to millions of votes the Republicans consistently surrender because of this one issue. If the Republican Party would leave Roe v Wade behind, and simply say, "It's between you and God lady," McCain would be in a far better position than he is right now. With a looming global recession, Islamic fundamentalists who want wipe out America, deteriorating relations with Russia and our gradual slide from economic and military superpower, the legality of abortion shouldn't even be a back-burner issue.


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