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I agree, Andrew

It is a human baby, plain and simple. Where we disagree is that I believe the host has a right to kill that baby as long as it is dependent upon her for its existence. Tick, tapeworm, or tyke-to-be, a woman has the right to say, "I want it out, now." It's her body. I never cease to be amazed by my fellow conservatives. The ones griping the loudest about having to give a quarter of their paycheck to take care of deadbeats are invariably the ones also grousing the loudest about abortion being legal. I tell them all the same thing: Either work to get the Hyde Amendment overturned or lovingly and cheerfully surrender even more of what you have in the spirit of Christian charity.... ...because if you think that these people are going to magically live their life responsibly, by the same mores and morals as you and not have these babies, you're living in a fantasy world. Either pay to terminate the pregnancies and get out cheaply, now, or stand by to empty your wallet for a lot of dependents that you can't even claim. It really IS that simple.


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