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And, as many do, you

And, as many do, you continue to have an individual'sinion dismissed based on their gender. You can play your shell game all you want, your statements are clearly made. And, as many do, you continue to want the individual developing to be disposable, non-Human, not treated the same as any other continuing to develop Huamn. Science and FACTS continues to trump your argument. And, as before, if I lumped all the issues that make up "Choice" into one group, I, too, would be "Pro-Choice". Just as if I lumped all issues that make up "Life" into one group, I would be "Pro-Life". But this is the specific issue of Abortion. If, as a Pro-Abortionist, you are too cowardly to admit such and want to hide behind a misleading term, then that is... your Choice. As to the "none of your business" argument, you've failed to point out that there are a great many situations where "none of your business" has been overruled by society and government alike. How one individual treats another have had social and legal rules imposed on them in every society and culture. In our own, even Parents may not do with their children whatever they please and "none of your business" amounts to squat. From choosing a religion or non-religion, to corporal punishment (even through abusive means), to what they may or may not expose their children to in media. The "none of your business" argument is equally misleading when it comes to the suppose Right to take the life of one's own child. Andrew


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