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On the issues of Family financial support, I'm all for ending spousal support. It was a stupid idea to begin with. Child support is more difficult. Both financially as well as participation wise, the system throughout is fouled up royally. Politics, bigotry, and just outright stupidity made the system what it is today. Example: Parent is made to pay child support. The income is checked and based on pre-tax, pre-deduction values. Big honkin' amount taken out of check. Then the taxes and deductions strike. Oh, and they only recognize CERTAIN bills. Gotta keep you in check, ya know. Anyway, potential solution: have no taxes taken out of your check. Oh dear! Now one less taxpayer! Hmmm.... Oh, and tough on those financial surprises that pop up. And hey, if you get behind, you go to jail. Yeah, lost home, lost job. Yeah, real useful. Or, hey, you can live in a slum! It's all you're worth, after all! So long as the kid's being taken care of. But, hey, you're a bad Parent if you have the kid over in such a bad neighborhood. Or, hey, if you don't want the kid in that neighborhood or you can't afford to visit the kid often, you must still be a bad Parent! Oh, and, hey, if your financies get really bad, you can loose your home, which means a loss of job, which means can't pay child support, which means jail! Hey! You've got free room and board! And let's not forget Parental Rights and the option of a current Parent to Voluntarily have their Rights Revoked. Many states don't allow the Voluntary Revocation of Parental Rights. And, in many cases, the Revocation his its legal limitations, as well as being overridden by the state (a well known and sticking case in my mind is Cody Posey (check his name on Wikipedia)). There are a lot of situations where child support and Parental Rights need to be overhauled and fixed. As to the Right of a Father in regards to abortion, I maintain the alternative options, sich as those above and previously mentioned in other posts as ways to hopefully not have to face abortion as an option for anyone, no matter who they are. Andrew


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