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A couple things....

First to Mr. Rhodes, I must be dense as I have no idea how I am dismissing anyone based on gender. Your statement makes no sense. I NEVER said it wasn't human, or a NON- Human. You really love to use terms that are shocking or offensive in order to win your arguments. You can make it sound as disgusting as you want- because it is- but that doesn't make your argument right. As offensive as you make it sound.... it still doesn't change the fact that I believe it is a personal choice. And by saying I am pro- choice in no way makes me a coward! That is just you....sitting on that high horse of yours and belittling people who do not agree with you. You can rant and rave all you want about me really being Pro-Abortion - I can disect that term too. I am not Pro abortion- as you insist anyone who believes in the choice is because: I don't go around preaching that everyone should have one, or that it is a wonderful thing to do. Nor does anyone else who believes in the right to choose. I am not lumping, nor is anyone else, ALL issues that exist with regards to CHOICE or LIFE into my argument- And just because people do- that doesn't make it right. I am being specific in what I believe there should be a choice in. I think the term PRO- LIFE IS HIDING BEHIND THE TRUTH AND BEING A COWARD. Those who call themselves pro-life are in essence against the choice of it- they are anti choice- that is a more accurate term. Pro- lifers don't believe in the death penalty and lump themselves in with being against abortion. THEY ARE 2 SEPARATE ISSUES. My reasoning for them being 2 separate issues is this: The people who received the death penalty have nothing to do with my right to decide what I want to happen to my body. Because regrdless of your FACTS-that is what it boils down to. It is my body. As far as your non- of your business arguement. Once again- you love to lump everything together. Our society has more freedoms than a lot of others.... and who ever said I was in agreement with the government or anyone else for that matter telling me what I may or may not do with my children? Or prayer in school? Or anything else you want to bring up..... Our society has gone to hell in a hand basket since everyone has been forcing their LACK OF values and mores on everyone else. Let me make it simple- VERY SIMPLE for you. It is my body, not yours or anyone elses. NO ONE has the right to tell me what I can or cannot do to my body. Obviously that is a problem for you and those "anti-choice" yahoos... so I will break it down a little more: IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN WHETHER IT IS LEGAL OR NOT- GET IT?????? IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!! SO, let's make it SAFE. I really don't want to go back to the days of women sticking coat hangers inside their bodies because they have NO OTHER CHOICE! (There's some shocking words for you on my side of the fence!) To guest1969- I fully believe it is a baby and never meant to imply that is wasn't- nor meant to not call something what it is.... To Commonsense- I agree with you 100% .... I guess I should have said completely "overhauled" which will NEVER happen! :)


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