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Did you take classes to

Did you take classes to dance around like that? The FACT is, BIOLOGY, not me, not you, not the government, BIOLOGY decided that what is conceived by Humans IS Human, and therefore a seperate entity with Rights seperate from you or I or anyone else. Their life is NOT, despite your lies and misinformation, YOUR body. You can play your little shell game with "Pro-Choice"/"Anti-Choice". It has NOTHING to with the Right of a Parent to willingly take the life of their own child. I notice that the list of "Choices" that you display are to abort or not to abort. So much for not liking abortion. There ARE other solutions. There ARE other solutions that can exist. But apparently, from your OWN comments, abortion is THE solution. This isn't an issue of morality. Morality is irrelevant. If you're going to grant a Parent the Right to take the life of their own child at one stage, then there is no logical reason why that Parent shouldn't be allowed to take the life of their own child at any other stage of development. Whether that child is in the first, second, or even third trimester before birth. Or even AFTER birth. Who are YOU to force YOUR preceptions of Parental Rights or even what is "viable" on ANYONE else? Biology, however, doesn't care about our perceptions. It follows the same pattern each and every time. Even laws throughout the land vary on when abortion is or isn't acceptable. Society decides that a third trimester baby is worth aborting, fine and dandy. Oh, wait, another state decided something different. Who's right? Who's wrong? Will it be you? Will it be them? Biology doesn't care. It just develops the living individual until the individual dies, whether by natural causes or intent. You can prattle the Pro-Aboriton party line. Biology still beats the misinformed dogma. Andrew


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