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Again, we're talking about

Again, we're talking about two or more individuals. The mother, and one or more children. Technologically speaking, we cannot, at this time, safely move/remove a fertilized egg from any part of the mother to be replanted in another part of the mother, in a surrogate mother/father (again, current technology issues), or an artificial womb (which also isn't technologically available yet). In this specific case, even a tubal pregnancy applies as a comparison. The argument one might make that "we can't do it" or "abortion is easier, less expensive" is only valid because research hasn't been made in those areas. Under CURRENT circumstances, the unfortunate fact is that the child will be lost with the mother you describe, or must be sacrificed in the case I mention. Technologically, we can't seperate the child in either case. In the case you mention, the mother's Rights, hopefully being recognized by their own Parent or other family member through living wills, etc, conflict with the child's Rights. But, since the technology isn't there to respect the Rights of the child, the child ends up sacrificed. In the case I mention, because of a lack of technology, BOTH will definitely die unless the child is sacrificed. In both cases, advancements in numerous technologies would preserve the child, and even the mother as well. Unfortunately, under current circumstances, we must give way to the situations at hand. In the case of the dying mother you describe, the mother will die regardless, whereas the general reference you make as to why someone should also be given the Right to take the life of anothe rindividual, a child, includes healthy Parents carrying the child. So, it isn't an exact comparison. Andrew


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