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When Life Begins

Mr. Rhodes. Consistency doesn't necessarily have anything to do with common sense. Our laws (as are our lives) are fraught with inconsistencies. People are complex. I argue that life begins by the same measure that we say life ends - with the heartbeat. This happens 22 days after conception. However, the average person cannot distinguish a human fetus from a chicken or pig fetus until about 12 weeks. I am uncomfortable with abortion at any stage after the heartbeat can be seen. I am sickened by the delivery of a baby to it's neck and then killing it. Early in gestation I cannot tell the difference between an embryo and a blood clot. But by 7 months, an inutero baby can open its eyes, suck its thumb, and begin to respond to its mother's voice. I understand that you see this as an inconsistency, but it is very clear to me. Rhetorical arguments about when life begins thwarts any meaningful progress on banning partial birth abortions.


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