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You've actually helped me

You've actually helped me prove my point. "I argue that..." "...we say..." "...the average person..." Again, evidence of inconsistancy because these are SUBJECTIVE views and beliefs not shared by every individual. From a neutral standpoint, why should I choose YOUR subjective view over someone else's? My argument isn't what I "believe". It's what biology and nature, scientifc fact, have designed. It doesn't require my belief. Your argument about the heartbeat, for example, isn't accurate. Brain death can actually occur BEFORE a heart stops beating, most notably thanks to technology. Should I bring up some cases as examples or have the recent publicized ones stuck in your mind? It's also true that specific cells on the body continue to grow, even after what we call death. Yet, as a whole, the individual has stop its process of development. Again, a biological fact, not a subjective belief. Andrew


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