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Um facts not just your opinions

well just another educated liberal. hmm well lets see if her husband "hates the USA" as you so boldly claim (uh do you know him personally) then be so bold as to state that she isn't far behind? wow that is like saying my hubby hates spaghetti and so therefore I hate it too. Whatever. You (not I) should save your vote. Seriously that is what is going to get this world ran to the ground, people like you. You probably also think that McCain caused the economic crisis too eh? Geez I mean please look at the facts. I would rather have Palin in the house then Biden or Obama. Obama in the debate last night said " in my first term as president" Well that is a tad bit cocky. wow lets get through this first. Not only that but do you really think that someone who holds a campaign party with celebs really knows what us middle class folks are going through right now? NOPE Get a life, save your vote since your just going to throw it in the fire anyway


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