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Ah the Entitled Democrats

This would be funny if it wasn't so scary that people are this naive. George W. did not cause the economic crises. He does not have total power over the US. Congress which is currently ruled by the Democratic party, collectively votes on and passes the issues. Congess voted to give all the poor, underqualified posers access to mortgages so that they could have a giant house that they couldn't afford to call home. (Typical liberal mindset: Well, I LOOK like I work hard!) That was a stand up thing to do if you want to live in a communist society as most liberals do. Everyone deserves everything, it doesn't matter if they are already sucking my taxes up in their bongs or their crack pipes every time they have another baby and get another check from our government. A check that I paid for with my taxes when I go to work every day and work my butt off and where I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY ACTIONS. It's called EARNING a living. Well, Democrats, you made your bed and you shortsheeted it. As usual, you want to blame George W. Bush or the conservatives for everything because you can't accept responsibility or be held accountable for your own actions. Get your head out of your ostrich holes and get some oxygen flowing to your brains. Typical Conservatives work for what they get, Typical Liberals expect a handout around every corner. It makes my skin crawl to see the sense of entitlement and lack of accountability continue day after day after day. Whiney blood-suckers will still be blaming W. when BO gets into office and we have another terrorist attack because he is so worried about making friends with everyone and living in Wonderland. Wake up people. God help us.


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