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Year Round

Well, it seems to me that you are probably one of the unfortunate ones that has not been picked to go to the year round school that is close to you. That has to be the only reason that you don't want it. I have two children, both in year round, and I am not looking forward to next year when my oldest goes to middle school and youngest is still in year round and they have different schedules. What is not to like about year round schools. They have a longer instructional period, and then a nice fall break, Christmas break, spring break and the right amount of time for the summer. There is not one year round school that is not close to a traditional scheduled school, so your argument about bussing to somewhere else does not hold water. They may have to go a few extra blocks but not far. Year rounds have open enrollment and a lottery system for admittance. That is completely fair. Keep signing up, as you might get selected, and you will get to experience the joy of a year round schedule. Just as the other poster said, we need to get the school board to consider at least two middle school for the year round schedule.


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