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What's amazing to me is the

What's amazing to me is the rampant ignorance of those who develop their opinions from main stream media and news sound bites. We have a son who was clinically diagnosed with ADHD at 7 years old. Initially, I was not sure I bought into the whole "ADHD thing". We tried natural options, behavior modification, etc. The fact is that our son performs better in school when he is on medication. We do not excuse his every action or "shortcomings" because he has ADHD. He is held responsible for his actions as ANY child should be. How many people look back on their youth and wonder if they might too have had ADHD however were treated as "bad" kids that "with some discipline turned out just "fine"? How many people are also now left dealing with the scars from such labels. For me personally, after adopting our child and learning about and dealing with his ADHD I reflected on my youth and realized that I recognized many of the symptoms in myself at that age. Yes, I feel I've overcome the issues and am successful. (We all want to think that right?) Ultimately as parents we do what we feel is in the best interest of our child. We all hope that they grow up to be responsible, loving adults ready to deal with the world. Not providing medication to your child because you don't "believe" it's a true illness is like not taking your cholesterol medicine and dropping dead from a heart attack. It's equally irresponsible.


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