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Dr. Perry-wonderful man and MD

Dr.Perry is one of the finest doctors i have come across in many years. He has taken excellent care of my entire household, as well as visiting relatives from out of town and even treated a dear friend of mine that had no insurance,not to mention she was battling a heroin addiction, hepatits C and was so sick with an extremely high fever and the flu and he didn't judge her or refuse her treatment, as did several immediate care facilities, nor did she wait an eternity to be seen by him as she would have an any local ED. Every time i went to his office he always asked about my children, family and this special girl...My sister is a very prominent trauma eye surgeon in the state of California and she found him to be a very thorough, careful and attentive man as well as an excellent, talented physician-i used to take my children to an actual "pediatric" office when they were younger, only to wait 4-5 hours at each visit, see the doctor or pa for 2 mins and leave with a diagnosis of a "probable"viral infection and if they weren't better in 5 days, please return.-only to be told then that were in need of medication and then to hear the nurses and doctors in the hall hurrying each other up because the drs were paid by the patient(even in a group practice) and they didn't have time to spare. Dr. Perry spent quality time with me and or my children each and every time we were in his office and many times call our home in the evenings to check on which one of us that he had seen earlier that day...He always made sure we had his cell phone number before we left the office and said he was there for us whenever we needed many times have we had to deal with an unknown doctor taking call for our primary doctor in any other practice that doesn't have a clue who we were or how we needed to be treated....How many other doctors in this town have published as many articles in prestigous medical journals and has been before Congress and the FDA to fight for concerns overs medicines that caused such concern that they are no longer on the market due to the dangers they posed....Anyone that didn't know Dr. Perry or have the privilege of being his patient has sure been unfortunate and i personally wish him a restful, speedy recovery and a quick resolution to the pending legal issues....


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