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DR Perry ROCKS!!!!

You will not find a better dr in Wilmington in my book. My husband, myself and my 4 kids went to him. And I cannot think of 1 time he did anything unprofessional! He is a great dr, great person, loves each and everyone of his patients! He always, always kept my children well. He took time w/ his patients- which meant a longer wait to see him, but it was by far worth the time!!! He didnt treat his patients like cattle- moving them in and out like most "clinics" here in wilmington! What dr gives you his cell number? He would answer no matter what day or night! He would come in to the office to see you on weekends if needed! I wholeheartedly trust him! My children loved him- so going to the dr was always an easy thing! He is human like us all having personal issue- bad or good! Who is to say that the man even knew about what the girlfriend did- Its all alleged! Always 2 sides to every story! Come on people, just b/c he CHOSE not to participate at the hospital doesnt mean he is a bad dr- I wouldnt want to be a part of that circus either. He has always been honest about him not wanting to be- and he has collegues that could see you that are a part of it- so who cares! I will continue to respect the man- even if he did make a mistake- He is one AWESOME DOCTOR! If he comes back and practices- me and my family will be there waiting on him! We are pulling for you Dr Perry!


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