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Dr. Perry is our own Dr. House

Dr. Perry and the image of Dr.House in the weekly drama are very similar. I even told him one time, Wilmington has it's own HOUSE. They are alike in they are so smart, and they never stop until they discover what your problem is. They are alike in that they are rebles of sort, they are not part of the good old boys system, they stand on there own , and by what they think is right. They may seem to have a hard exterior, but inside they have a heart of gold. The patient comes first, and you either love em or hate em, mostly other doctors hate em, cause all their patients run by the busloads to behold the wonder of a real doctor. You know, one that actually has more than 60 seconds to spend on you. Kids love him, mothers adore him, and dads respect him. His personal life is what it is, noboby's business. So, he got up with some crazy chick who ripped him off, that has nothing to do with the way he practices medicine. So, yes house is in Wilmington, only he is our own well loved, well respected, brillant beyond words DR. PERRY. God help us if he doesn't come back, there will never be another one to replace him. God's speed Doc.


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