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Dr. Perry

My husband was working in Wilmington. We had a 2 year old toddler. No one -- not ONE pediatrician in Wilmington was 'taking new patients' -- even though we were only going to be there temporarily, I couldn't get our daughter in to see any Pediatrician in the WIlmington area. On top of that, the receptionists, office managers etc. were simply rude when I inquired if they could refer me to another Pediatrician. Then I found the PeeDee clinic. What an incredible stroke of luck for us. I ended up being so thankful that the other Pediatricians in the area were all too busy as I don't think I have ever met a more caring, thorough Doctor. My daughter has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and he was able to keep her focused while he examined her. It has been many years since we met Dr. Perry and have been his patients and I have nothing but positive things to say about him. Whatever kind of car he drives has nothing to do with how he cared for his patients. He is kind, attentive -- LOVES the kids and they love him. He was always there for his patients and during times when everyone was getting whatever bug was going around, he was open -- he was there -- and sometimes you had to wait -- but HE WAS THERE! He didn't leave the clinic until everyone who needed to be seen, was seen. He was also there early the next day. He was always open during hurricanes -- and chose not to evacuate in case his services were needed -- and they always were. He is a wonderful Doctor and I am sorry that someone has decided to ruin his life. It doesn't surprise me that he doesn't want to practice after this. His whole life was about helping people -- and now this. Our thoughts are with you, Dr. Perry -- and whether you choose to practice again after all of this is cleared up -- we will be so happy to have you back because you are truly one of the rare ones who really cared.


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