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Guilty again, out of his own mouth!

"Monday, Hewett will enter a plea in a Brunswick County court on state charges of obstruction of justice and embezzlement." Now folks, there are 100 counties in NC. And the fact is one or two have former sheriff's either serving time or have served time. The most recent I can think of was up in Davidson County. Another ego maniac, former SHERIFF GERALD HEGE (a republican for those of you that would claim I am playing partisan politics) and now our Democrat, Ronald Hewwett. You know this blog is going to fill up with the blind faithfull's that will say, "Ron was the greatest sheriff ever". Well he and his ego partner from the right can share stories while the other 98 do the business of law enforcement! Justice has been served. One more dirty cop off the streets. Good for the Cops, good for the citizens, and good for the streets. And never forget it will be Hewett himself that faces the court and out of his outh comes the words, "Guitly, your Honor!"


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