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Not ruled suicide! It was murder!

Ronald Hewett and Rex Gore would have you believe it was suicide but, the official ruling on her death is not suicide but that she was "Killed" on the job. Even after this ruling Gore states he sees no reason to re-open the case and that his mind has not changed. As far as bringing in the SBI or any other agency for that matter, the crime scene was hosed down by the BHI fire department. So much for the preservation of evidence! Her body however was able to be examined and in the end the ruling that stands is, the wounds could not have been self inflicted. There is some other evidence that remained making one question suicide. Like a to do list with plans for later that day. Most people that are going to kill themselves don't have a to do list for times after the self inflicted death. But, the real stickler goes back to her wounds not being such as she would have been able to do it. That one thing stands alone and screams the fact, someone else pulled the trigger on the weapon and fired a fatal shot into her head. While the shoddy police work and the shoddy work by the DA has made it to where we will probably never know who did it, be sure to know the fact is, Officer Jones was murdered while she was on a tour of duty at BHI. Give her family at least that little bit of acknowledgement. They had to fight to get that truth out.


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