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shut up

look your crazy. I can see that. im not saying Ron should not pay for his wrong doing. just not the way the law is going abought it. he wanted to put all the cops to work on our dime. and for that he is going to daddy day camp. when you could keep him home and let him work for us. with out pay. look ive been to prison, back in 1980 min. coust. it was like a day camp. all it lacked was a woman. if they would have allowed me a woman i would have stayed for ever. hot showers, great cooks, serving great food,all the white or choc. milk you could ever drink. free tobaco. lots of people to talk to. and to play games with.trips to the movies, trips to the pool.ect.and where he is going is way more lax than that.unless you go to a felon camp. prison is a joke. and fed is even more lax. he will get to visit his wife every week to have fun. and if he does go in as a felon. hell probly get houner grade right from the start.wy do you think that their are so many repeat offenders in the usa? wake up.


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