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spelling, grammar ect...

I know that im not the best speller but im not stupid.all these non vilont people you send to prison. all it does is take money out of our pockets. i say keep them home and at work. if they cant find a job. find one for them. make them give up 4 hours a day for us and six hours for their self. that way they dont get on welfare. and we pay less taxes. and they pay for their crimes. its win win for every one. ya i say just fine the heck out of them. let them work 4 hours a day for the people to pay the fines off. when they no longer get to go to daddy day camp. the crime rate will lower. especialy drug dealers. they hate working wy you think they sale drugs in the first place? no need for misterminer camps or houner grade. just put their butts to work. that will break the cycle.


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