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Suicide - Where have you been?

Guest00000 - As you hide behind your anonymity, and your apparent ignorance, you can make your sarcastic comment but our family has endured alot more than your whimpy remark. The Buff family did not waste tax dollars - the STATE OF NC (The Attorney General's Office, to be specific) wasted the tax dollars, fighting us - and they lost. Losers just like you. BIG FAT "ZEROES"!!! Let me help you make the conncection, since you seem to need to be educated on THE TRUTH: The NC Attorney General is the highest prosecuting body of the State, which is under the Govenor. Our Local (Brunswick County) DA's office is also an extension of that body. Now connect the dots. Any of them have ties to Bald Head? Believe she committed suicide all you want and continue to be the loser that you are. The truth is she was murdered. WE LIVE WITH THAT INJUSTICE EVERY DAY! May God Bless all the good-hearted men and women in uniform who serve and give their lives daily for us. Davina was one of them. Personally, I don't think she is quite at peace yet - she is still doing her job. What comes around goes around. Maybe ole Rex is next. . . or better yet, the other guy.


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