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So your argument is to use the term"shim?"

If the brain remains female, the genitalia don't exist? Sorry, it's not that simple, especially when you are dealing with a group of drunk and high young males. His brain may have longed to dance before a mirror singing "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story, but his body carried the same equipment as John Wayne or Hulk Hogan. You can't simply say, "Oh, that doesn't count." As far as speaking ill of the dead, I am simply stating which was established as fact at public trial. Edward possessed male genitals, deceived several males into thinking he was a TOTAL, 100% female (happy?), and performed sexual acts upon them. When they found out his true "outfitting," they reacted many, many people would. It wasn't the lack of testosterone that caused him to be a deceptive sex-maniac who played with fire and got burned. His actions certainly contributed to his fate.


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