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Why oh why

Will he be using a walker and dentures? Did you know Mcpain ditched his disabled wife for the milf I mean heiress he is with now..? LEFT his disabled wife for someone else.. (There goes for better or for worse...) And a heartbeat away... Painlin who went through what... four or five small colleges to get a simple degree? (I know.. Obama only has a Harvard law degree and was a professor of law.. he should have stuck to those darn maverick community colleges...) And painlin also years ago with her DUI husband, was FOR the separation of Alaska from America...???? The lady who could be our president wanted to separate Alaska from America and become independent. Palin’s views are between a ultra leftist and a guerilla.. The lady is not all there in the head yet people want to place HER… Palin in a position to run this country.. People.. Wake up! I despise Hillary but at least could have led a country,, and just hunt moose…. And now, a bipartisan committee found her guilty on unethical practices by abusing her power… WHY would anyone want someone without ethics in a position to rule I mean lead our country??? Geesh! For those people that cannot stand Obama, I sometimes wonder if it is closet racism or just uneducated viewpoints.. The man has been a superb senator, lawyer and professor.. Where did that part get left off.. You uneducated peoples should get learned before you cast those stones and talk about who is patriotic and who is not... Obama or not, we cannot afford another 4 years of failed policy and that is just what McCain or any other republican will bring us at this time.. As a registered republican I am ashamed at my parties’ decision for nominee... The old man doesn't want to govern our country.. He wants to leave his legacy and as much as I hate to confess it... every so many years we have to have a democratic president in office to straighten economic issues out, to make the rest of the world like us and to defeat the deficit... But then we have to get a republican back in the office to show some teeth, let other countries know we mean business, bring back old school and traditional values and to give corporate America breaks so we can actually afford to buy things... I hate to say it, but the next four years have to be democratic years or we are all screwed.. The man is too old to take office and we are going to end up with a moose hunting hick who doesn't know right form left to go ahead and finish off and bury what we once called America... Both parties are not a good choice, but voting for the old man would just bury the hatchet on Americans.. So go ahead and listen to his bold faced lies tomorrow because lies and negativity are all we have left before this election.. Let the mudslinging begin... All 3 weeks of it... This is the first time in my thirty eight years of being a registered republican I will be voting for a democrat because I love this country enough to vote and try and save it before it completely collapses under another four years of Bush like policies that we as Americans cannot afford!


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