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Why oh Why ---scary

OK, so you are very mad. I understand we have had a hard 8 years. Having said that, I think you need to reevaluate your so called Republican position. Not only should you NOT vote Republican, but all out change your party! You need to wake up! You are the brainwashed! Obama is not going to make anything better ---he will probably make it worse! You speak about Ethics, but you leave out Morality altogether! You are like these sick people screaming for health care for all (because everyone deserve the right) while abortions (the killing of human beings)continue. Obama believes it's OK to kill a baby while inside the mom up to the day before due date. SICK! And let me now rip you about what you said about Palin. So the fact that she went to several different colleges upsets you??? I wonder how many colleges you would have to attend if you had a family to look after too! There are more important things in life than attending colleges. Especially left-leaning - indoctrinating colleges such as Harvard. At least she has been married for 20 years. This says a lot. How long have you been married? And mind you I don't know if you are a man or a woman, but if you are a woman you should be ashamed for not supporting a STRONG woman candidate, that doesn't have to pretend she is a man. She is the only one with executive experience - I remind you! She would make an excellent PRESIDENT. If as you noted the very aged McCain were to die. And stop watching wackos like MSNBC. She did NOT call for any sessation of Alaska. Maybe you should try reading other sources and YOU get educated for a change!


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