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YOU must be ignorant

This whole campaign thing has gotten out of hand in that President Bush yes I said President Bush is only one man and one vote. For the past four years of his administration we have had a democratic congress that has passed just about anything and everything it wanted. Go ahead and blame one man for all of the stupid things the democrats have done to us. Even if you didn't vote for him or even if you did vote for your President he is and will still be President Bush no matter what you think! Any man that goes to the trouble of going to Iraq to greet his fellow Americans and doesn't give the time of day deserves to go and serve as they have for about five years or so. Obama recently went there but only met with the leadership in their nice and cool headquarters but didn't have the guts to even speak to one, not one soldier. Now that's the kind of man I want running my country! One who doen't care about or is even loyal to Her. Who won't pay Her homage or it's citizens either. Wow what a man! He wants change then he needs to start within first!


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