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Frightened...very frightened

The fact, or mere appearance thereof that Barack Obama may become the next President of the United States makes me quiver with sheer terror. With absolutely no doubt this man is well educated and charismatic. With absolutely no doubt he is a liar and a shape shifter. His position changes depending on which group he is addressing at the moment. He is no doubt a leftist socialist. Our country deserves an administration that can keep its finger on the pulse of society and its hand out of our pockets allowing the free market to work. The first Bush maintained a strong economy but made the fatal error of leaving Iraq before the job was done in Operation Desert Storm...Sure, Bill Clinton left office with a feel good surplus, but at what cost? No one in our currently Democratic congress outlines what necessary programs were left mandated but unfunded to accomplish this ruse. His foreign and domestic policies have moved jobs out of our country, left terrorists to run wild and free (to avoid conflict and stroke the egos of the anti-war leftists) and left our teachers to deal with NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, a complete and total failure. Bush 2, while doing a great job to protect us from terrorists and continuing to cut taxes, I always felt that he came into office for one purpose only... to finish what Daddy couldn't do, getting rid of Saddam Hussien. Done. Yes folks it is time for a change but do you want to maintain your liberties? Your freedom? Do you want sit down and "talk" to terrorists and people that want ALL OF US and our way of life dead? Do you want the Government to tell you when and where you can go to the doctor, the type of treatment that the government says you need or deserve? Do you want the Government to continue extending welfare benefits to illegal immigrants and people that have spent their entire lives on the rolls? Do you want the government to tax businesses for earning a profit? Do you want the Government to mandate that you employer provide you a health plan that they canot afford so they just have to lay you off? Knowing that it is a fact that 40% of all Americans pay absolutely NO income taxes, the democrats want to cut taxes for more "middle class and poor people... Well wouldn't that mean that these people would be getting a bigger check every year under the guise of Earned income credit? Essentially, a redistribution of wealth from the rich folks, most of whom have worked very hard for what they have and from businesses that maintain and grow jobs. So if you answer yes to these questions go ahead and vote for Barack Obama. All I can say is... be careful what you wish for.


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