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More lies and negativity.. Please gain some education

The comment below.... THIS is how we can prove we have uneducated people in America... I support McCain and will vote for McCain but the mudslinging, negativity and lies are too much.. Obama is not a terrorist. Obama is not a Muslim.. Even McCain trying to show people lately that he is a cmpassionate man, has specifically told his supporters that Obama is a decent family man, and a Christian... So before ye cast the first stone learn your facts because all you have done with your statement is show everyone how undecuated and ignorant people can be. You are forgetting the real pieces to this election. BOTh canidates are good Christian Americans who love this country. Each man has different beliefs of where this country should go and how we need to act to get there. This election should not be mudslinging and slaming and trash takling and lies which uneducated people like you post. This should be about ideas and direction. Instead of slandering one another and each other's canidate... simply vote for who you think is best for this country and let it be but stop with the lies already.... The negativity is what has brought McCains campaign percentage down and ignorant comments such as yours do not help the Republican Party at all.. Please go crawl back under your rock. Here was your piece of ignorance and false information you posted.......... Obama is a terrorist. Watch it all come together if he gets elected. Then cnn, msnbc, and all other librial media will cover it , and it will be late because you idiot's out there have already put this muslim in office...................................... So for you posting this You have proven exactly what an uneducated fool is.... And you have further disgraced the Republican Party with your ignorance.


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