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Here is my response to your ranting...

I never heard of Obama before he began running against Hillary either. Now about "PROTECTING a woman's right to choose". No, I will never stand for killing innovent babies. Call it whatever you choose to soothe your own conscience. I am in the medical profession and have counseled hundreds of women in these same circumstances. Don't believe the lies. The truth is most abortions happen because women DON'T WANT TO HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY of carying for a child. Rapes are a very small portion. And the women who have carried, delivered and raised these babies say it was the most cathartic experience and in fact helped them heal from the rape trauma. And again, OBAMA would care less if the child is healthy right up to the day he or she is born. If some silly girl says "I can't have this baby" Out it goes. By the way, go pick up a first year biology book and learn that life begins at conception. No reputable doctor disputes this. So "it isn't beyond any pay scale" to know the truth. I hope you go read and educate yourself. And, if her daughter made a wrong decision and became pregnant at least she did not commit murder by aborting her own child! But this doesn't reflect on Sarah Palin's mothering skills. At some point we are all accountable for our own actions. I guess you would have chosen murder for her and also for her downs baby. You too will have to answer some day for all your actions.


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