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MTV President

It is amazing to me to sit here and read the comments left by some many of you who are mislead by the MTV nation. Obama is not a bad man at all but with that said neither am I but I damn sure do not deserve to be President. People have let the hate of George Bush misguide them to a man that could not run Wilmington much less run the US. He has no experience. HELLO any body out there? None!! Just because you are a great speaker does not make you fit to lead.If you take 2 seconds out of your MTV videos and Oprah Winfrey afternoon and did more research than what is being shown on the liberal press you would see the facts. Wow facts now that is a novel idea. How stupid must you be to think that taxing the people who own the companies is not going to affect the average person. HELLO people those are your employers and if money gets tight because of new taxes they are not going to stop living the lifestyle they lead just so they can pay you. Thats right your job is gone. But that is ok because you voted for chage and you got it. Good luck finding new jobs. Anyone every read the want ads? Me either because jobs are few and far in between. People thinks fo yourselves and look at the election onjectively. Bush is not running. McCain is and he is much different. I am not a Republican at all. I am a Libertarian. But I am choosing to vote for McCain because he has proven time and again that he is for America and so am I.


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