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This dumbing down of our

This dumbing down of our students today is just sickening. I grew up poor - in a trailer in rural NC. I made good grades in school, 1400 on my (second) SAT and got a Presidential scholarship to college. What wasnt covered by my scholarship I worked waitress jobs and grocery store jobs fulltime hours in addition to fulltime classes to pay. I went to (and graduated from) graduate school on federal loan program. I now work a good job for an international company and am paying my loan back. Higher economic status - POOH! It all depends on what you want in life and I wanted to get out of the country and to make something better of myself so I LEARNED. Simple as that. Dumbing tests down so less intelligents can get into college does nothing but cheat EVERYONE. Anyway, I thought all these colleges constantly complained abut being overcrowded already. Why lower the bar to even more students, a lot of which wont be "making the grade"? It makes as much sense as this ridiculous cycle of school redistricting we see here in New Hanover every year and for that matter the entire national political/economic situation. Ultimately the lack of personal responsibility. I worked and paid my way thru school so someone else could go for free. I paid off my credit debt so now I can pay for those who didnt. I did not refinance my home out of range of its value so now I can pay for all those who DID. I am SICK of this TAKE TAKE TAKE mentality which is so prominent in our country anymore. This laxing of standards to get into college just feeds the illness.


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