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general stupidity

Now first of all did you check the fuel gage? Cause thiers no reason a truck that new broke down, I'm on a fire dept in craven county that activly runs two trucks that were new in 1974 and 75 and we had a truck that was a 1984, they all ran fine, and still do. Second if you were traind and knew what you were doin, you'd have known not to park your truck in an unburned area, cause thats potental fuel for the fire, you park in the area that has already burnt, trust me we have a national forrest up here. Thrid your "chief" is generaly stupid, yall are lucky that your stations havent burnt down yet, and I know all about the church right accrose the street from your main station that burnt to the ground, when it could have and should have been saved. Fourth what is the driver doin away from the pump, we're all taught that the driver operates the pump, not another firefighter. BSLFD is the only fire dept. that burnt down two trucks in such a short amount of time in Brunswick county that I heard of, I understand wrecking a truck on the way to a call, but not burning down. I used to live their and I'm still an active firefighter in that county due to beining in the military. Yall are just as bad as Southport letin houses burn down left and right, and Oak Island tryin to take over the county and wrecking their platform in to a house. I pray that God is looking after the eastern part of the county cause all the fire depts. their need alot of help and so do the citizens.


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